Stir Fry Japanese/Chinese Fusion


What exactly is Stir Fry?

20151209_133415This is a funny and subjective question isn’t it? It is what it states — ‘stir fry’. Stir fry what? Stir fry anything! Stir fry really is a technique. But most of us use the word stir fry synonymous with Asian cooking. Stir fry can mean: saute, pan fry, sear, griddle or even over the BBQ. Just for note, stir fry originated in China preparing their grains centuries ago, until recently in the 20th century did the Chinese people start stir frying in their own homes. Prior to the 20th century, only the affluent and restaurants had the funds for the oil or fuel to stir fry. Amazing what modern technology and funds can do for a person, let alone a country!

20151209_134215So let’s get down to business of the stir fry. Most people think stir fry is like a goulash-throw everything into a fry pan or wok, I would say they might be partly right… but so not right! It is the semantics or the interpretation of the cooking and not so much its ingredients. With that said…

Stir fry is a method of cooking that is usually quick, with or without sauce, and could be with any type of vegetable, meat, seafood, nuts or legumes. I think you might start to see the picture.

20151209_135919Stir fry is a description of how it is cooked, the technique, however, for the ingredients, there is a method to stir fry.

Okay, you have a nice large wok, super! Now what do you do with it? Most people rarely use it, but once you know what, how and why or even when to use it, you’d use it most of the time! Yes, most of the time. Why, you ask? Because of it’s utility. It cooks quickly, usually only one pan to clean, and is healthier. You might inquire healthier? Yes, healthier due to the fresh ingredients you put in. Who doesn’t like fresh vegetables better than canned? You might ask yourself, I use fresh when I have time to cook and use canned 20151209_142652otherwise. OK, but you have a freezer don’t you? So fresh is not out of the question compared to canned. Next, you don’t have time to cut or chop the veggies or meat, that is an excuse! If you are making a meal once, why not cut or chop extra so that it can be frozen and utilized another day? Yes, you come home, don’t have “time” to prep and cook, ah, but you have the extra bag(s) of “stir fry” in the freezer! Take it out, thaw a bit and then “viola” into the wok and you’re done! It is a quick, easy and healthy meal. Now don’t get me wrong, the taste you can change up, the flavor of the sauce or viscosity can be created to make a different dish!

20151209_144456Eating is this fashion you’ll find you become healthier, even loose weight and feel great! What more can cooking do for you? We eat because we’re hungry, happy, sad or depressed. But if we are conscientious of what we eat, then that’s half the battle to longevity, health and happiness. Isn’t cooking and eating grand!

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