Stuffed Jalapenos


Where did Stuffed Jalapenos come from?

The term Jalapeno Popper came about around 1972 in Texas from what I have read and if wrapped in bacon was referred to as an Armadillo Egg. No wonder that name never caught on! It is said that it is most likely Tex Mex remnant of the Chili Relleno.

20151210_132243Jalapeno poppers came about by stuffing them with cheese, meat, spices or a combination thereof, and usually breaded and deep fried. It is akin to Chili Rellenos, those are stuffed as well, but only using Poblano peppers. Poblano peppers are not really hot, with just a tiny bit of heat that anyone could eat them.

Jalapeno poppers are tasty morsels of spice and chomp. However, with a lot of us out there, we are painfully aware of healthier eating of the do’s and don’t s. Not saying that every now and then we cheat and do those ‘don’t s.’ Because they are so yummy.

20151210_134211There is another alternative to the breading and the frying. Yes, there is a God Mother of Cooking. You can take these jalapenos, make sure to get the largest, fattest ones there are and stuff to your hearts content without breading or frying. There are several easy, quick and really tasty dishes to be made from jalapenos that you and your guests would love, if they like a bit of spicy.

This appetizer or treat or snack can be made in a few minutes, depending upon how many you are making. Nevertheless, there are several recipes to choose from and are a great way to serve on a minutes notice, or unexpected guests or even a late night snack. And the best part about this dish is it doesn’t have to be “off” the diet, meaning, there are no carbohydrates from direct sugar or starches. There is an added plus to this dish, being a hot pepper, it has the thermogenic effects to your body that could help to burn calories, what a helpful food!

Usually, our bodies expend more energy, burning calories to process (digesting) proteins than fats or carbohydrates. So that would mean that you process, or rather burn about a third of the calories in lean protein of what you have just eaten! Pretty cool, how the thermogenic effect works. Who doesn’t like to eat? OK, now, about the carbs…they take some energy to burn, about half of that of protein and fats are easily processed and has a very low thermogenic effect.

Most any food has carbohydrates, but most people tend to think “carbs”, such as sugar, potatoes, noodles, rice, any starchy foods and they would be right. But there are good carbs, such as vegetables, grains and milk-dairy products. Carbohydrates are macronutrients. What are macronutrients you ask? I’m glad you did. Macros are types of food that our bodies require. They consists of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. It is also referred to as the chemical compounds found, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium that all living things need, not just in humans but in plant life as well to be healthy.

20151210_134801Now let us explore the micronutrient, it is the trace minerals/trace elements or vitamins found in such foods that are also essential to good health and development for our bodies. But remember, it has a name ”micro’, due to the small or minute amounts in them and is required for our bodies.

Our bodies need energy and is obtained through our foods we eat. Carbohydrates (good or the bad) is our body’s main source of energy. Like feeding a fire, we need to eat to maintain our energy, out mind’s thought process and health. Do we live to eat, or eat to live? These carbohydrates gives us the oxygen, hydrogen and it has carbon, which we as in earthbound beings are carbon based and our bodies need this in a cellular level to function. Our bodies are pretty smart if we only listen to it!

20151210_140247Just for note, your body does not produce macronutrients of it’s own, we need to consume these carbohydrates, proteins and fats to obtain and maintain life.

Jalapenos are fun to make, great to chomp on and can give you a kick! Not to mention endorphins, but that is another article!

Here is some food for thought! Stuffed jalapenos, pickled jalapenos, fried jalapenos, boiled, broiled, grilled, steamed, roasted, toasted, braised, smoked, dried, ground, chopped, mushed, mashed, dehydrated just to name a few. Hope this was fun to read and tickles your tongue to make some!

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