Hi, it’s Ling from LingsBest.

I have 40+ years experience in cooking authentic recipes from Japan, Korea, Thailand, India,  China, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Lebanon, Hungary,  Puerto Rico, Cuba, Caribbean, Louisiana (Cajun), and  our traditional American cuisine. I love to cook it all!


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I’ve always loved to cook.  I thoroughly enjoy eating different foods from other countries, especially since I’ve traveled to several of them. Growing up, I had the opportunity to  try various dishes from my own family and friends from all over the world.

Whenever I meet someone from overseas, I always ask them for a recipe. This shows my unending passion for food and friends. Food is a language of its own.

At one of my earlier jobs in the 70s, I was given a tip as a cook. Cooks usually do not get tips. A customer appreciated my braised eggs just the way he liked them and bingo, I received a tip! I had been a guest chef at one of my favorite restaurants where I lived in the 90s.

I have provided private and public catering to include several weddings. I’ve taught cooking lessons as well as being involved with several food gourmet food cooking clubs. I am also a food consultant for weight loss, healthy eating and natural nutritional healing.

Did you know that certain foods are better eaten before the actual meal and and others at the end of a meal?  Awareness is key. Being aware of our genetics, physiology, psychology, age and the biochemistry of our food choices can influence our overall  body functions. Understanding how we interact with food is important.

Here’s to your health!


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