The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide

The Lazy Raw Foodist's Guide

The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide

Raw food doesn’t have to be a chore. Yes, there is preparation, but if you enjoy eating fresh foods and seeing the healthy results, and even loosing weight then it’s a no brainer! Here is a great start, The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide There are over 45 easy recipes by some of today’s top raw chefs, including Cherie Soria (Living Light Culinary Institute and Café), Sarma Melngailis (Pure Food & Wine; Raw Food, Real World; and One Lucky Duck), Karen Knowler (The Raw Food Coach), Angela Elliott (Alive in Five!), Alissa Cohen (Living on Live Food), Shazzie, and more! We’re talking super-energizing smoothies, salads, entrees, soups and desserts that look beautiful and keep you going strong for hours. You’ll also find original recipes from active raw foodists like Anthony Anderson (the raw model), Heidi and JS Ohlander of Raw Food Right Now, John Kohler, and others. Do you like oatmeal raisin cookies? Imagine, not having to ‘cook’ them, or your other favorite dishes  in the ‘raw’. PLUS• A Super-Lazy Bonus section with links to vegan and raw food restaurant guides, places that will deliver gourmet raw food to you, and personal picks for mail order items.

Even if you are not ‘lazy’, you’ll love The Lazy Raw Foodist’s Guide.

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